Saturday, March 8, 2014

Crow Crash Radio live at the Convent, SF, CA; 3/7/14

Crow Crash Radio were stoked to see that spaces such as the groovy Convent are still able to function in San Francisco! The place functioned for decades as the living space for nuns, right next to a Cathedral on Fell St. Currently, it is filled with extremely creative young people: the walls were covered with great paintings, poetry, etc. Inspiring!
Crow Crash Radio played for about forty minutes, and I felt like our set went pretty well. Due to the excellent acoustics of the room, I felt it was very important to play with sensitivity. It seemed as if there were more than a few points where we achieved near silence, dramatic pauses that I love so much.
At the end of the set, I did an impromptu a capella version of We Bid You Goodnight. It seemed like a song that mentioned Jesus was appropriate for a gig in a convent.

Below: Convent resident Gray surveys the stage
Above: Crow Crash Radio live shot by Brian Lucas. Thanks, Brian! 

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