Saturday, March 15, 2014

Ruminations-Totally Intense Fractal Mindgaze Hut; Oakland, CA 3/14/14

I have to say that the phrase "Instrumental Orgone", from the mural that decorates a main wall with the Totally Intense Fractal Mindgaze Hut, sums up how I feel about the music that Ruminations created there, last night.
Much like our first gig, earlier this year, we stuck to the adage of "let's not be afraid to stop a jam", and, in doing so, played about six separate pieces. Much fire ensued, along with some cooler moments. I really enjoyed the addition of a bass drum to the Cloud Kit: it makes the whole thing meatier. At the end of our set, I was coated with a nice, healing layer of sweat. Such a pleasure to play with some great improvising musicians, as Rent, Christina, Markus, and Bob are.
Additionally, major props to Jordan Glenn and Jason Hoopes, whose duo played some stunningly gorgeous sounds.

Below: Cloud Kit and other Ruminations' gear

Below: Bob and his Magical Fingers, Markus Hunt in background

OK, now to prepare for the reemergence of Failure Cock next weekend! 

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  1. Please note: when I mentioned "fire" in this post, it was a metaphor for the energy of the musical interactions, not literal fire. There were no actual fires lit during this performance. Thanks for your understanding.