Sunday, March 22, 2015

Hadron Quartet-SIMM Series, Musicians Union Hall Local 6, SF CA; 3/22/15

Although I've been to a fair amount of shows at Earl Watkins Hall over the past few years, it's been about three years since I've had an opportunity to play there myself.
Thankfully, Rent Romus had a cancellation for this evening, and asked me to play with himself, Tim Orr, and John Vaughn as the Hadron Quartet.
One concept that Rent wanted to explore was that of visual scores, something that I've been keen to utilize as well. My contribution was the piece Vis Impressa-Electricity, which was inspired by reading an analysis of Isaac Newton's work. Upon reading that description, I made the painting pictured above. Rent's contribution, Multi-Sonic Traveler, is pictured below it.
Upon thinking of the instrumentation, I decided to play Cloud Kit; it just didn't make sense to play formal drum kit, as I realized that Tim would have that covered.  This seemed like a good choice to me as we played: I think that I was able to accent and contrast with his drum sounds.
We played four pieces, the above compositions paired with two pure improvisations. It all felt good to me, as though we were listening and interacting accordingly. I was particularly pleased with my playing on the scored pieces. I'm definitely enjoying making music based within those sources.
I felt as though we kept things tight at endings, and made some pretty solid transitions, too.
I guess you could say that the Hadron Quartet played a somewhat dark,  introspective set, but where else can you go after Dialectical Imagination? Those guys' sounds are intense and beautiful.
Many thanks to Rent, Tim, and John for playing!

Below: Rent, Tim, and John (note Earl Watkins smiling at John!)

Above: Cloud Kit and the Alto of Romus

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