Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Improvised Metal Band-Stork Club, Oakland CA; 3/17/15

So I got home from work this afternoon and discovered an email from my pal Eli Pontecorvo: "sorry for the short notice, but could you play with me in an improvised Metal group tonight?"
Well, YES of course! Five or so hours later, I found myself at the Stork Club, standing on the stage with a guitar player I've never played with before, Steve, and Eli.
We made what I consider to be a fine, messy racket, as Eli invited friends and strangers up to sing, scream,  and read from a stack of books that he'd brought.
 I decided that to go for shows of technical prowess would be dorky at best. I decided instead to go for an essential element, an essence of Metal. As such, I played loud and heavy, sort of a mixture of Philthy Animal Taylor, Steve DePace, and Fenriz. Now, I'm not saying that I played as well as any of them, but their sounds were the mental template for me.
Needless to say, I had a blast. I did the math on the drive to Oakland, and realized that it's been about two and one half years since Silencer Assembly ended. That was the last time that I really blasted on the kit.
It was also great, and humbling, to see and hear some really cool underground Technical Thrash and Death Metal bands, local and touring. FUUUUUUN.
Thanks to Eli, Steve, Mark from Anisoptera, and Eric from Megaton.

Below: scenes from the Stork Club!

Above: great, funky old kit, thanks Mark from Anisoptera for let me pound on its toms.

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