Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Instagon-The Makout Room, SF CA; 4/6/15

It was definitely fun and extremely challenging to play with Instagon this evening. Lob leads his group from a few simple criterion, which he explained to Collette, Karl, and I a few minutes before we convened on the stage area of the Makout Room for Instagon #679.
My playing was a mixed bag, as I must admit that there were times that I struggled to hear Lob's bass. Still, there were passages that felt really good, pretty fiery and nicely Funk'ed. When things felt as if they were collapsing, I experienced some really TERRIFYING moments. That's what you get with Improvised Music sometimes, though. I guess it's all about how one deals with the terror as they are experiencing it, and after.
Still, I generally had a blast playing with Lob, Collette, and Karl!
Plus, it's not often that I get to play Sex Bomb by Flipper.
Many thanks to Jon Arkin for use of his great drums.

Below: Lob  leads, and drums

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