Saturday, April 18, 2015

Sheila Bosco/Jerry Smith/Mark Pino-Live Soundtrack; Berkeley Arts Festival Building, Berkeley CA, 4/17/15

I swear that the Berkeley Arts Festival Building is the "little venue that could"! It seems that it's been "on its last legs" for a few years now!
Thankfully, they were still open last night, for due to a double booking with the projected venue for this show (in Oakland), we really needed their space.
It was very inspiring to be making sounds a bill that included a lot of well renowned, long time SF Bay Area musicians.
As for our set, the practicing and planning that transpired between Sheila, Jerry, and myself served well. Our soundtrack for their film Time Out flowed in a good way, and there were no major clams or catastrophes! At the end of the evening, Jerry suggested that we could now perform this piece at any time, as it's "locked in". Makes sense to me!
Bonus rad-ness for the end of the evening jam, which featured all members of every group of the night, building a thick and dense wall of ambient darkness jamage. GREAT stuff, and super fun to be a part of it.

Below: my simple rig, Sheila and Jerry

Many thanks to Sheila for asking  me to participate in this fun event with her and Jerry.

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