Saturday, June 6, 2015

Cloud Building-Studio One Art Center, Oakland CA; 6/5/15

Oakland on a Friday evening most definitely has the feel of human tiredness: people have worked all week, and that fatigue seems to make everything slow down a bit. People want to chill. Studio One had that feeling last night as Sheila Bosco, Brian Lucas, and myself set up for our brief set, played in between poets John Shoptaw and Shane Book.
As for that set, its twenty four minutes or so also had that chilled-out aspect, as Sheila played vaguely Classical strains on her keyboard, Brian added with tape sounds, and I colored with small gongs, waterphone, and other percussion. Our sound felt very airy to me, quietly introspective, as if we were chatting with each other. Hopefully the audience members enjoyed their vantage into our talking! I surely enjoyed hearing the poetry of Shoptaw and Book.
Thanks to Brian for setting this one up.

Below: the set up

Above: percussion, post talk

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