Thursday, June 4, 2015

The Flying Pontecorvos-Luggage Store Gallery, SF CA; 6/4/15

Back to the Luggage Store I went, and oh, how I love their current location! It's just really great to be able to watch the weirdness of 6th St. and Market St. in SF as we play!
And play we did! The Pontecorvo family band, aka the Flying Pontecorvos had me as their drummer for a sweet set of extended improvisations and guided passages.
We worked up one continuous piece, made up of about four different zones that were loosely conducted by Mika. We hit some really nice free parts, along with some more meat 'n potatoes Funk/Jazz. It was especially cool to hear and play along with Adriane's very good cello riffs and Mika's always raw flute. And Eli? Solid as ever on his six string bass. What a talented family.
Additionally, we helped out Alphastare on his set, as Jeff graciously invited us to join in after he set up his initial sound matrix. I wore a mask and got weird. YES!
All told, a very fun and rewarding musical evening! Thanks to Outsound!

Below: Pontecorvos setting up
Above: a simple kit is all that I really need, when playing with such talented musicians
Below: The Flying Pontecorvos in action (photo by Jeff Klukowski, thanks, Jeff!)

Below: more live shots

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