Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Upcoming shows!

I will be busy later this week! Three shows in three days!

First off, Crow Crash Radio will be playing in Oakland on Thursday, 7/30 at the Octopus Literary Salon, opening for Skillet Licorice. This show will start at 6PM.

Octopus Literary Salon
2101 Webster St.
Oakland 94612

Second and third, I will be part of two different groups for the Outsound New Music Summit. On Friday, 7/31, I will play with Instagon. This set will feature Lob doing a Mixer Set, in which several musicians feed their sounds into his mixer and he plays the results. I will be "playing" a portable AM/FM radio. Also on the bill will be the Serge Synth Trio and the Oppenheim/Farhadian/Perkis Trio. On Saturday, 8/1, I will play percussion with Mika Pontecorvo's Bridge of Crows. For this set, we will be performing Mika's film/music piece Bedouin Poet of Mars, featuring Bob Marsh on vocals.  This show will start at 7:30 PM with a performance Q&A session, after which the order will be: Bridge of Crows, Tender Buttons, and the Hsu/Fei/Robair Trio.

Community Music Center
544 Capp St.
San Francisco 94110

I'm looking forward to all of this activity!

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