Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Cosmists-Studio Grand, Oakland CA; 3/21/16

Not that anyone's asking, but I'll be the first to say that Cosmists seems like a somewhat tough band to listen to. The combination of theremin, trumpet, percussion, and drums is not exactly an easy one to digest, I'll admit.
However, I love playing with Andrew and Collette. They're my leaders, and I feel very inspired by their respective uncompromising stances re: aesthetics. Neither of them are fucking around. They play what they mean; in doing this, they are teaching me good lessons. Thanks Collette and Andrew.
Last night's show proved to be a pretty good one. After great, inspiring sets from Jamal Moore and Sound Effekt, Cosmists carried forth with our plan of playing from graphic scores. The set started with a very short improvisation, followed by two graphic scores from me and one from Collette. Our sound seemed somewhat quiet, mostly by design, or, in Collette's words at rehearsal "...a little bit of sound goes a long way...."; I figure that may have had also to do with playing near midnight on a Monday. That said, it featured what seems to be emerging as Cosmists' aesthetic: a bit more reflective in nature, and slightly bizarre and "difficult", full of percussion, trumpet blasts, and theremin flights. These are not bad aspects for me. Again, Cosmists ain't easy. It was nice to get props from a few people. Thanks to those that stuck around. I look forward to a projected recording date in May!

Below: live Cosmists (photos courtesy of Rent Romus. Thanks, Rent!)

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