Saturday, September 30, 2017

Pontecorvo/Pino Duo-Adobe Books, SF CA; 9/30/17

Ouch and double ouch, what a tough set.
In planning and rehearsal for our duo guitar/percussion/electronics set at Adobe Books, things went really smoothly. Our line check showed all sounds sending signals to the software. Yet, something seemed to go horribly wrong, and only one of my percussion items, the waterphone, was showing up within Mika's Mac for processing. This left me feeling limp; instead of trying to "make something happen", I simply held back, probably too much, and just listened quietly to what sounds were able to emerge. Some kind of ghost in the machine came and haunted us, and it just fizzled slowly. In front of an audience.
Man, what a tough set.
Did I mention, "ouch"?
On the bright side, I found a sought-after copy of Western Lands, Wm. Burroughs last novel, that I've been hankering to read.

Below: Mika and Mark, trying to figure out what's going on (photo by Josephine at Adobe Books, thanks Josephine)

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