Saturday, November 11, 2017

Infinite Plastic Internal-KFJC Pit; 11/9/17

After a lovely drive down 680 from Concord, during which I admired the post-rain storm mixture of later afternoon sunlight, rain clouds, and East Bay Hills (rainbow underneath Mission Peak, hell yeah!), I found myself ensconced within KFJC's Pit for the makeup session of Infinite Plastic Internal's delayed live broadcast from June of this year.
I had been planning the set up for this session for the past month or so, diagramming the placement of drums, electronics, gongs, flutes, and vocal mic for the latter. Thankfully, Eric, Frank, and the KFJC staff of engineers were at their usual accommodating level; what a great group of people. Eric mentioned that I was one of the more punctual acts to arrive that he could remember! I was raring to go, that's for sure. Again, there had been several months for planning.
The set was guided by a visual score that I'd drawn, in which the electronics would start "thin" and proceed to grow more "thick". On top of that, I placed intermittent bursts of gong, flutes, drum set, and space. A recent conversation with tenor sax master Josh Allen had me also integrating the clock: five minute intervals were placed in the score, and I used the clock to willfully pace the set and its actions. Many thanks to Josh for sharing his theories on that. They really helped me to integrate conceptual and physical pacing within the set.
All of this preparation and conceptualizing lead to my desired 45 minutes of Infinite Plastic Internal drone and freak sounds. As the sounds started, I felt relaxed and focused enough. Things seemed to unfold and emerge at a good pace. I was particularly happy with the sound of my old Ludwig bass drum, along with screws dragged across the rims of the 18" roto tom. Smaller hi hat cymbals were used as well, which helped to reduce some of the "shimmer" that I get from my left foot when playing free drumming with wider hats. That seemed to make the drum set sound a bit more clear. The electronics also felt really good. It was cool to feel and hear their oscillations and random mixtures. It's my hope that this came across to anyone that may have been listening.
It seemed as though it was a successful Infinite Plastic Internal musical ride, after which DJ Naysayer interviewed my for 30-35 minutes, which was fun and interesting.
KFJC: the Gold Standard of radio.

Below: Infinite Plastic Internal gear
Above: visual score
Below: interview selfie

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