Monday, November 13, 2017

Suplus 1980-Humanist Hall, Oakland CA; 11/12/17

This Surplus 1980 show was a private event, a birthday party for our pal Polly. Hence, no preview or advertising.
Set at Oakland's Humanist Hall, a building that I've driven past many times over the years, it was an enjoyable party, with really fine vegan food, board games, spirits, and just generally cool vibes. Former Surplus 1980 bass player Steve Lew showed up: he beat me at Scrabble. No surprise there. Dude's a PhD.
As for our set, it was a bit truncated, with only Moe! on guitar songs. I got to play a sweet Yamaha set, courtesy of master drummer Jordan Glenn. Thanks Jordan!
I was really happy with our sound. Even with no soundcheck, we managed to rock out pretty well. Temporarily Present seemed particularly well played. Along with our songs, we put in two really kind of bad covers, just to keep the mood light. I can't mention them, as there seems to be a slight worry about certain members losing a bit of street cred. Needless to say, I laughed a lot while playing some pretty corny tunes from the Pop cannon. During this segment, Moe! destroyed a children's size plastic drum kit. It was funny to see him stabbing the heads and throwing that doomed piece of plastic around.
A better way to spend a Sunday evening I wouldn't be able to find.
Many thanks to Polly and Jordan.

Below: lovely drums; Steve Lew contemplates his impending victory

Above: sacrificial drums
Below: Surplus 1980 at Humanist Hall (photo by Thomas Scandura, thanks Thomas!)

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