Thursday, December 8, 2011

Birdsaw-Live at the Paradise Lounge, SF CA Feb 18, 1998

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  1. Hey Mark,

    I'm hoping to hide this where Dan won't read it! You didn't leave an email address on your site so I have to comment here. Be a dear and destroy this message after you read it! I need this to be a surprise.

    I know who you are but you have no clue who I am. l'm actually Dan Laks' girlfriend as of recently. We've been friends for a while and have recently become quite the duo, and I'd love to do something incredibly special for him for his birthday.

    He always talks about his times with you and Birdsaw, so I'd like to make a little music video for him of Temptation and throw it up on the you-tube. I'm trying to learn to animate (I'm a painter/illustrator), and I'm incredibly shitty at best when it comes to this new medium, so I was hoping you or your other band-mates might have some video footage or awesome images. I've done a google search and have found some old flyers and photos, and your blog has quite a lot of photos as well, but I thought you might have the really good stuff in your private possession.

    So any videos of your performance (of any song, not just Temptation) or of you guys hanging out together even would be AMAZING. Any photos would be GREAT. I'd really love to surprise him with an amazing video for his birthday and I know he'll love it. He really deserves it; he's an incredibly wonderful human being and every day I feel like the luckiest lady on the planet for being able to hang out with him. I know, super sappy. I give you permission to smack me if you ever meet me.

    Email me at if you have anything. Thanks so much for helping me, even if it turns out you can't find much.