Sunday, January 26, 2014

Earspray-Life Changing Ministries, Oakland; 1/26/14

You just gotta love Grux's Godwaffle Noise Pancakes series. Damned if the thing doesn't always draw people, and real down to earth freaky people at that. Just so great!
Anyway, Earspray did about nineteen minutes of our somewhat noisy trio action, filling up Life Changing Ministry's GROOVY space (go there for a show if you live in Bay!). I stuck mostly with the Nunn Plate, only playing one bowed cymbal a little bit.
Things felt fine to me. I am really beginning to hear the odd beauty of Ann's singing/screaming, and Carlos does neat stuff with his cheap keyboard and custom pedals. All of the other bands were cool, too. And, yes, pancakes. Mmmmmmmmm.......

Below: Earspray setting up

Below: me and a cool Life Changing Ministry t-shirt, yeah, I bought one!

Below: video, courtesy of roseman127! Thanks!

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