Friday, January 3, 2014

Ruminations/Davignon-Wray-Steffey-Douglas; Luggage Store Gallery, SF 1/2/14

Last night I was very excited to get back to the Luggage Store for the debut of Ruminations, a recent brainstorm of Rent Romus.
Matt Davignon's quartet, featuring Anna Wray, Daniel Steffey, and David Douglas started off the night with their great electronics/percussion alchemy. They played well spaced and well paced, taking me into strange mental regions. Their last piece was particularly cool, having a quality of a street festival percussive march!

Below: Davignon/Wray/Steffey/Douglas

Below: Alchemist Davignon

After the briefest of pauses, Ruminations began our set. The lineup featured Rent on winds, Markus Hunt on bass, Christina Stanley on violin, Bob Marsh on cello, and myself on percussion. I was stoked to be playing with such great players, and I feel like things gelled pretty nicely. Rent's main qualifier to us in rehearsal was "I like endings, let's make sure to have them as part of our improvisations", and I felt that we stuck to that parameter, along with playing pretty interactively. The piece Burn It Down, one minute of blasting as intensely as possible, left me breathless! All told, I'd say that we played about seven pieces total.

Below: Ruminations photos by Matt Davignon and CJ Borosque. Thanks!

I sit here a few hours later, savoring the memory of such a fun gig. What a great way to start the New Year! 

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