Monday, January 20, 2014

UB Radio Salon #314, 1/19/14; Lucas/Bosco/Pixie/Das/Pino

It was great fun to be involved in UB Radio Salon's 314th broadcast! Das informed that he and Ninah have never missed a Sunday since the Salon's inception!
I played a stripped down, somewhat lateral version of the Cloud Kit, augmented by Das's WALL of gongs. That was fine.
It being the birthday of Edgar Allen Poe, I read works by him, along with Michel Foucault (on madness) and Nick Blinko (on Poe).
Sheila also had a birthday yesterday, so we ate cheesecake during the break in celebration.

Below: birthday girl Sheila Bosco
Below: Cloud Kit reductive

The music went well, especially the first set, which went to some really nice, broad passages, ending in a group chant of "The Conqueror Worm". Cool stuff!

Below: My Happy Place

I was a bit bummed during the second set, as I misread a piece of the Raven. Drats!
All in all, a great, tripped out time!

Below: Chakra Chimp Research Kittens

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