Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Crow Crash Radio-George's Nightclub, San Rafael, CA; 3/31/14

Clearly the theme for 3/31/14 was "Comeback".
Crow Crash Radio began the evening, playing to sheer indifference from a small set of drinkers at George's. Not that we didn't take advantage of the fact: we stretched our tunes to the breaking point, pushing them around like bullies. Hey, if no one's going to pay attention, I feel that it behooves me to put in an extra effort. I'm not going to pander or resent, I'll just go inward and find new stuff within my trip.
Ah, yes, Comeback. As Crow Crash had finished up our hour long set, in time to watch the Giants come back from behind the Diamondbacks to take their 2014 season opener (thanks, Buster), some new drinkers ambled into George's. There had been another band scheduled, but they were MIA. Said drinkers demanded live music, and Crow Crash Radio was happy to oblige. We set back up, and freaked out again. I don't know if this new group got what they wanted musically, but Crow Crash sure had a grand time driving them away!

In the words of Patti Smith, "we shall live again".
RIP Colleen Lookingbill.

Below: Crow Crash Rigs

Below: Brian contemplates the NL game

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