Sunday, April 27, 2014

The Northgate Group-Oakland CA 4/26/14

Yesterday's proceedings had me in a reflective mood, seeing as that the facility in which we played is located directly across the street from the building that my late friend Jason Batzer lived in. I have to admit to being a bit spooked upon pulling up.
It was great, however, to be able to play with Jim, Richard, and Scott. I love playing standards, and there were a bunch scattered into our two short sets. Summertime will always remind me of Richie Goldberg: when I was his student, he insisted that I learn that one as deeply as possible. Check out Vi Redd's LP, on which there's a great version, with Richie on drums.
We also did some relatively quiet Free Improvisation, and some slow Blues. As is usual with Jazz, I felt absolutely lost a few times, but I'm starting to realize that that feeling is just a part of the overall vibe of the music, and, as such, is fine.

Below: Jim runs down the evening's music with Richard and Scott

Below: my beloved traps, with brushes

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