Sunday, April 13, 2014

Ear Spray-Berkeley Arts Festival Building; Berkeley, CA 4/12/14

            "The present redeeming itself through the grace of oblivion"
                             --Theresa Hak Kyung Cha

Last night's Ear Spray gig at Berkeley Arts Festival building had, for me, a tinge of sadness, as I'd bumped into an acquaintance from some years ago who informed me of the death of someone we'd both known. RIP William, buddy, you were a sweet guy.

Within seconds of starting our set, I felt deeply entranced by the Nunn Plate's sound, and I guess I sort of stayed in that mental space for the duration of our performance. Not that that's a bad thing, to me. I felt like I was really improvising with the materials at hand (chimes, roto toms, chain, Nunn Plate, stones, hardwood floor). I'm not sure if my playing was all that interactive, mind you, but for some reason my subjective mood seemed right. I have no idea how that must have sounded to those in the audience.
For me, it was a nice, chaotic, noisy time. What more could one ask for on a Saturday night in Berkeley?

Below: Ear Spray sets up the rigs

Below: Dave Douglas and Matt Davignon, their band was great!

Below: Ear Spray live, photo by Bryan Day, thanks Bryan!

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