Saturday, July 26, 2014

Crow Crash Radio-50 Mason Social Club; SF CA 7/25/14

It was a bit odd, seeing the Birdsaw sticker on the backline drum set at 50 Mason Social Club last night. I think that those drums must have been Paulo Baldi's, on account of the Liar and Deadweight stickers. Sort of made me feel old!
Crow Crash Radio had one of those "just carry on" type of shows, in that both Brian and Andrew seemed to be having technical issues with their gear.
I felt that the ending portion of our set was pretty good, though, especially the Link Wray-ish vibes of Tarifa and our rave up action on Imaginary Companion.
All in all, a good, sometimes challenging time. There may be video footage at some point!

Above: Andrew gets his amp dialed just so

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