Monday, July 21, 2014

UB Radio #340, 7/20/14

I had a great time participating with Sheila, Ninah, and Das at the Chakra Chimp Research Kitchens of Northern California last night!
The theme, "Insects Feeding on the Corpse of Empire", may have been tough to follow, seeing as that we tranced out on myriad gongs for almost two hours. I read opening incantations from poets Steve Anderson and Luis Weisberg, both of which had, for me, sentiments related to the topic.
Did I mention gongs? YES!!! It was absolutely great to spend so much time trancing out on gongs of various sizes. I feel like we built up some really gorgeous, shimmery spaces. Tranced out!

Below: the gong players!

If you care to listen to the show, the Archive link is here:

Many thanks to Sheila, Ninah, and Das!

Below: video!

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