Saturday, July 19, 2014

Ear Spray-Berkeley Arts Festival, Berkekely CA; 7/18/14

It was a bit sad, setting up inside of the Berkeley Arts Festival space, seeing as that there was no art on the walls. "They're getting ready for construction", as someone said. A few more months, and this space will be no more!
As for Ear Spray's set, I feel like we did pretty well. Ann's skills with her video rig are improving, and Carlos was happy with the set: always a good sign.
I played the Nunn Plate and roto toms, along with turning my tackle box full of percussion toys into one big noise maker.
It was great to play with Aaron Oppenheim and Rubber (O) Cement! Tough acts to follow!

Below: rotos
Below: Ear Spray selfie!
Below: Video!

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