Saturday, October 10, 2015

ebolabuddha-Bindlestiff Studio, San Francisco CA; 10/9/15

Riding home on BART from this gig, I was very much of two minds, in a kind of split between objective analysis and subjective feeling.
On the former side, I was pretty disappointed with my drumming. I had no time to really set the drums up in the way that I like to play them, I could not hook up my bass drum pedal, the throne sucked, and finally, my toe really hurt from a bad stub earlier in the week. Years ago, these feelings would have sent me into an emotional tailspin, but, now, I know better. Sometimes being not the best band in the world is even better! Additionally, it seemed like the bill for APAture 2015 event was more made up of Soul/R & B/Hip Hop acts. Not that I have a problem with or don't enjoy those styles: I can and do! ebolabuddha just seemed like the odd man out.
Regarding the latter, I had a REALLY good time just blowing the fuck up after a long week! It felt really good to just pound the crap out of the drums while Steve, Eli, and Jason went off in with their axes. Jason was particularly compelling in his Plague persona, lifting and spinning the painting that I made. This painting was part of a verbally charted piece called Signal Loops. I'm not sure how closely we stuck to the script! Ah, well! The fun of just making awful noise superseded that, I guess! It was also really cool to see the evening's MC get up on the mic and try to do a Metal growl!
All in all, a fun, albeit odd, night!  Many thanks to Steve for setting up this gig, and to Eli and Jason for playing! Also, thanks to Amanda Chaudhary at for the live photos below!

Below: Steve warms up

Above: photos courtesy of Amanda Chaudhary

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