Friday, October 16, 2015

Ruminations-509 Cultural Center, San Francisco CA; 10/15/15

I guess that it doesn't really bear repeating, just how much I enjoy playing music with Rent Romus, but I'll reiterate how much I had been looking forward to this gig. I was not disappointed!
First off, the 509 Cultural Space is a really fun room in which to play. Yes, it's small, and raw, but those are qualities that suit me just fine. I am somewhat sad that it's not going to be the venue for Outsound after this week! Oh, well, I got to play there once.
Along with the excitement of playing with Mr. Romus again, I was stoked to be playing with great guitarist Karl A. Evangelista, bass player Nathan Swedlow, and trumpeter/violinist Jeff Hobbs. The last two, I'd not jammed with before, but just that combination of sound sources....yeah! Ruminations really need upright bass, in my opinion.
After a sweet set of solo electric guitar from Ross Hammond, we quickly set up and jumped into ours. I felt "on" from the first. It just seemed like one of those musical experiences wherein preparation matched nicely with inner calm, willful whimsy, and close listening. It is my hope that those in the audience, along with my fellow Ruminations, felt the same way! I really enjoyed my kit, a stripped down set with just one tom tom and a China cymbal, along with this older 16" cymbal, sheared down on one side, that I am really starting to love. Oh yes, and cowbell, too! Didn't Baby Dodds have one?
After about 38 minutes of improvisation, four pieces I believe, we stopped, and the sweat on my brow felt fucking GREAT, even as it dripped into my tired eyes.
Many thanks to Rent, Karl, Nathan, and Jeff, along with Ross and all the Outsound crew. Fun night! Let's do it again some time soon!

Below: Live Ruminations shots (color by Kersti Abrams, b/w by Ross Hammond. Thanks, Ross and Kersti!)

Above: 3/5ths of the 10-15-15 Ruminations (Jeff and Karl had already drifted off)

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