Monday, October 5, 2015

Norcal Noisefest 2015-Cafe Colonial, Sacramento, CA; 10/3-4/2015

What a treat it was to get to play twice at this year's Norcal Noisefest! This event has always been a fun one for me, and I love the community that comprises it. Tons of great, creative, fascinating, and generally cool people. Lob and crew did a fine job-I was impressed by how varied the performers were. From really young and enthusiastic acts to some of the original Noise stalwarts (how much further can one go back than Monte Cazazza?), it was cool to take in a wide range of acts.

Earspray-our set started off a bit wonky, due to some pretty extensive issues with a speaker cable, but, thankfully, Carlos managed to do some quick trouble shooting and save our sound. I had a blast using my newly acquired circuit bent keyboard: it has some deliciously noisy settings! Primitive, but pretty effective, I'd say. I also manged to coax some feedback out of small electric m'bira, utilizing a nice Roland amp that Ann lent to me. I guess one could say that I got a bit, ah, theatrical, riding the amp like a horsey at one point, but, hey, it's a show, right? Things ended with a fine hard stop, cued by Carlos. On the whole, pretty OK, if a bit frustrating to start.

Below: simple rig for Earspray
Above: Ann and Carlos set up (I need to help more!)

I watched about seven more acts after Earspray's set, at which point I became fatigued and my ears started to hurt. On the way to an Air B 'n B nearby, I watched a really bizarre electrical storm front take shape. Odd events in the sky!

Above: Lob doing his thing (and how!) at Cafe Colonial, 10/3/15

Infinite Plastic Internal-after a really pleasant morning, during which I took in a ton of great California Art at the Crocker Museum in Downtown Sacramento (go there, it's great!), I managed to find my way back to Cafe Colonial for Infinite Plastic Internal's 4PM set. I was a bit nervous, as it was to be my first solo show for Noisefest. While waiting for my set, I made note of the flooring of the performance space: perfect for bouncing the somewhat tuned metal rods that I had in the boot of my car off of! I quickly added them to the other parts of the rig: snare drum, two Utopia Synths, and a Diabolical Devices pedal. My plan of attack was this: start up a drone with the electronics, add in snare drum patterns (based on rudiments), and then toss the metal rods onto the flooring in hope that audience members would play along somehow. Thankfully, a few did, and it was great-that sounded added a really nice, almost chime-like sound to the drone. In hindsight, I wish that I'd have stayed on the snare drum a bit more, but, for the most part I got the Noise sound desired. The interaction with audience members I have dubbed "Noise Catch", and hope to reprise it at some time in the future. Many thanks to those that played along with me!

Below: Infinite Plastic Internal rig

All told, it was a damn fun weekend! I can't say enough positive and Lob and the crew of Norcal Noisefest-those folks are fucking incredible.
Hopefully I will get to play another one in the future!

Below: brief video snippet of Infinite Plastic Internal playing "Noise Catch", courtesy of Jeff Klukowski. Thanks, Jeff!

I had to leave a bit early on Sunday, as my new job requires me to get up sort of early. Apologies to those that I missed!
Driving west toward The Bay, I could not have been more stoked.....

Below: tired end of day selfie

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