Friday, January 8, 2016

Cartoon Justice-KFJC, Los Altos Hills CA; 1/7/16

As mentioned in the preview for this gig, I was stoked to be able to play at one of the best radio stations ever, KFJC; when the Pontecorvos and I knocked on the front door, I knew instantly that the man that greeted us was none other than long time Fascism researcher and KFJC stalwart Dave Emory! Being a long time listener to his shows, I was pretty blown away! Thankfully, I was able to shake his hand and compliment him without sounding like too much of a geek (hopefully!)
Cartoon Justice got plenty of great support from sound engineer Eric and visual engineer Jacob. Those guys rule. We played one 50 minute improvised piece that was loosely scripted, and based around Mika's sampled and chopped Ornette Coleman sound files. It felt mostly good, with some improvised fire at times, along with quieter, more ambient interactions to begin and end, during which I enjoyed playing Waterphone and small metallic percussion. I was hoping for some wider spaces at times, but that's my only critique.
Hopefully those that listened or watched enjoyed our sounds, and we convinced some people to attend the Hardly Strictly Personal shows this weekend in Berkeley!

Below: Mika and Eli prepare to launch
Above: Eric of KFJC, great dude and great engineer
Below: drums and SO MUCH vinyl!

Below: live shot captured from KFJC live feed by Sheila Bosco, thanks Sheila!
Above: Waterphone and metals

Many thanks to Eric, Jacob, and all staff at KFJC for being such great hosts.

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