Sunday, January 31, 2016

Romus/McCaslin/Pino Trio-KZSU Day of Noise, Stanford, CA; 1/30/16

Owing to completely insane SF Bay Area traffic patterns and a family emergency involving a very sick relative, this gig was incredibly strange for me.
Collette, Rent, and I showed up at KZSU with minutes to spare: seriously, we had about twenty minutes to set up, git mic'ed, test levels, etc.
A quick drink of water after that, and BAM!, it was on! Right after the set I sped off across the Dumbarton Bridge and into Fremont and the Kaiser hospital there.
We filled our allotted thirty minute set, and then some, with a scrawling, skronking blast of noisy Free movements and dirty electronics. I had a great time wailing away on a very small kit and my pocket theremin; my mood was definitely effected by thoughts of my uncle who is currently hospitalized and in really bad physical shape. I tried to release that angst into joyous Noise. It was fun to play my Tibetan singing bowl again, too, an instrument that I hadn't touched in a couple of years.
As always, it was a real treat to play with Rent and Collette. Their sounds mean a lot to me.
Many thanks to KZSU for giving us an slot on this annual roster's great event!

Below: the set up, and my small kit

Below: Romus/McCaslin/Pino trio in action,  livestream screen shot capture by Melissa Crockett (thanks, my dear!)

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