Sunday, September 11, 2016

Crow Crash Radio-Free Oakland UP!, Oakland CA; 9/11/16

Crow Crash Radio seemed to have had a collectively fun time playing at Free Oakland UP! today. We have played there a bunch of times now, and we always enjoy Jocelyn's fun, funky, free stuff space. I really wish that we had recorded most of our two sets, as we stretched out into some really focused, psychedelic versions of a handful of our tunes. Brian was really enjoying this new pedal that he got, and I, having recently been reading about the Yardbirds in Ugly Things Magazine, was obsessing over the Rave Up. I played accordingly, trying to push and pull the forms that we were dealing with. It seemed as though this generally worked: again, I'm sad that we didn't record.
I also had a really good time watching people come and go. These kinds of gigs are really good for people watching. You're right there as people walk past. Smiling children, sullen teens, puzzled older folks; they all come in and look around at the myriad stuff within Free Oakland UP!'s confines.
Hella good times in East Oakland!

Brian and drums
Above: Andrew getting ready to explain his theremin.....again.......

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