Monday, September 19, 2016

Surplus 1980-Oakland.Secret, Oakland CA; 9/18/16

This one was the show the would not die. Originally scheduled for the Night Light, it was cancelled there due to an opportunity for that establishment to make some good money on a Pop Punk festival. Polly from Reconnaissance Fly managed to have the bill with them and Surplus 1980 moved to Oakland.Secret. We had already written it off, but happily agreed to have the show at the new location.
Reconnaissance Fly and the Clifford/Pasucci Duo were really good, cool sounds to start the evening off. Surplus 1980 took the closing spot. It took a while to get set up on the tiny stage of Oakland.Secret, and I fear that some nerves were a bit frazzled. We played an energetic set. There were mistakes and gaffs: at one point, Moe! declared it "Surplus 1980 On An Off Night"! Oh man. I have to cop to some clams, and was kinda bummed. I mean, I practiced a lot for this one! In one week, I'll have a chance to redeem. Good lord, please let that be the case.
Still, a version of Pigeon Obstacle Course was dead on, as was our take on Dancing In Your Head (Theme From A Symphony) by Ornette Coleman. Another raucous Surplus set, I guess.
It was a real pleasure to play Larry the O's beautiful Yamaha drums as a back line. Many thanks, Larry!
A fun, albeit flawed set. Argh!

Below: drums and head stocks

Above: Surplus 1980 starts off the set (photo courtesy of Polly Moller, thanks Polly!)

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