Saturday, January 20, 2018

Jack Hertz/Mark Pino Duo-Luggage Store; San Francisco CA, 1/18/18

Another rainy night in SF, another gig. Not that I'm complaining about this one, which pretty much fell into my lap a few weeks back. Rent Romus contacted me, asking if I could fill a booking vacancy. For some reason, I immediately thought "....electronics....with Jack Hertz..."; Jack quickly replied in the affirmative, and we commenced planning out our set.
I brought waterphone, electric m'bira, some flutes, and a few stand alone synth pedals. Jack brought banjolin, shnth, tetrax, and some looping devices. I fed my sounds into his loop machine, and then he processed the loops while adding his own sounds. While doing this, I followed a plan that I'd cooked up, an order to the sounds which I'd utilize. It helped me to stay grounded within each small movement. Indeed, I felt a kind of zen as the piece slowly evolved, really calm and patient as sounds emerged and where processed by Jack. A really nice place to be! It also seemed as though my flute and waterphone skills are increasing. The waterphone is a fascinating sound source for exploring. Its relative simplicity hides much possibility.
Things started spare and quiet, eventually developing into more sonic thickness before looping back into a hushed few notes to take us out. I must admit that at times Jack did a lot more of the work: his adeptness and skill with electronics and processing were what really made the set go. I was really happy and grateful for the opportunity to play in duo with him. Humbling, really.
After we finished, Hummel set up and slayed. Brian Pederson is quite the Ayler-ian figure, Sung Kim's self-made acoustic instruments are always a delight to hear (and it's good to see his hand injury healing!), Tim Orr and Robert Lopez on dual percussion, Shanna Sordahl on cello with a volume pedal. Just great.
All in all, it seemed like a really fun evening of sound exploration. Good to see a few friends there, too.

Below: My gear/Jack's gear
Above: Jack and me mug by an element of a larger sculpture within the Luggage Store performance space. Jack said that this mannequin reminded him of Kraftwerk.

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