Sunday, January 20, 2019

Crow Crash Radio-Adobe Books, SF CA; 1/19/19

Some gigs seem to last for a long time, and others seem to zip by in a flash. Last night's Crow Crash Radio show at Adobe Books was of the latter category. It seemed as though time moved really quickly to me.
After really nice sets from Ernesto Diaz-Infante and Angel Archer, we stared up and proceeded to play what struck me as a pretty frantic, 40 or so minute set. Actually, I have no idea how long we played; it could have been 15 minutes for all I know. The feel of the evening ensured that perception in me. We had sketched out a set that was to be well-paced and on the slower side, but some strange energy came over me and I probably moved things a bit too fast. All of our set had this quality, really. I felt kind of disappointed in myself, but, thankfully, Brian and Andrew seemed to be OK with it when I apologized profusely for changing things up. Brian had some fine riffing on Tarifa, that's for sure. Additionally, it was funny that one person yelled out that we sounded like Classic Rock. Oh dear.
A very energetic, weirdly moving gig, at least in my perception. It was fun,
Crow Crash Radio will play in Alameda in February.

Below: my only other photo from Adobe Books, as there just wasn't any time

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