Friday, January 4, 2019

Reed/McCaslin/Pino Trio-Luggage Store Gallery, SF CA; 1/3/19

It seems as though things are changing around 6th St. and Market in SF. A walk around the neighborhood before the Reed/McCaslin/Pino Trio gig there last night showed me new restaurants opening up, along with the ubiquitous construction cranes and demolished buildings. I guess that the frantic development of SOMA and Downtown is finally reaching this area. Hopefully, the Luggage Store Gallery will maintain its foothold.
As for the music, we were treated to a really fine set from solo drummer Omzfield to start the evening. What a great, cohesive sound he got. Highly impressive. Amy, Collette, and I had a tough act to follow.
We got into some pretty whirling, shamanic feeling spaces right quick, with Amy singing into a contact mic, CJ blowing some fierce soprano sax, and me joining in. I felt like the interactions were good and intense. After a bit, Amy did some sweet prepared guitar stuff; I was happy to play along, trying to be subtle and supportive with brushes and mallets. Eventually, things got wild again, of course. Despite our initial plan to do three ten minute pieces, we ended up playing one 25 minute piece that roughly divided into three segments.
Despite the paucity of audience, I had a great time, and was very inspired by our sounds. A fun night, witnessed by few. The music remains the reason.

Below: my rig for the night; happy trio!

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