Sunday, January 6, 2019

ebolabuddha-Noisehaus at the Garage, Palo Alto CA; 1/5/19

Dunno if it was the incessant rain or what, but this year's Noisehaus show was kind of sparsely attended. Too bad, because the lineup was the most diverse that I can recall. Harsh Noise, Garage Rock soloing, strange desert Psych, loner synth music: all these approaches were represented.
 I guess that ebolabuddha filled the "band" slot for the evening. Also strange, as I seem to recall a lot more bands, particularly Grind-style, at previous Noisehaus events. Our set was very fun, a bit more cohesive seeming to me than the last few. At least, that's my perspective. It helped that I had my own drums with me; in the past, I'd relied on back line kits that felt uncomfortable and rickety. This time I brought my own tried and true gear, and was that much more relaxed for it. Not that ebolabuddha's music is relaxing. We were joined by Miles A. Murphy on electronics, who added some great madness with his rig. Tom Weeks blasted on alto sax, Steve Kiyota-Jong brought his tech guitar aesthetic, Eli lead the charge as usual. I tried as much as I could to interact with all of them, while keep up the energy. As mentioned, we stuck to a cohesive plan: a bit more Free playing within the instrumental passage, leading out of a reading passage and into a quick thrasher to end. It felt tight and right to me, the most fun I've had with ebolabuddha for a bit.
Such a fine feeling.
Stay tuned for the immanent announcement of ebolabuddha's first physical release!

Below: tiny little pretty kit; ebola dudes setting up, underneath a car

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