Sunday, May 16, 2010

Ovipositor pre-production, session #2

Today the entire band recorded.  It was odd, as we don't have sound baffles, so the amps have be pushed into opposite sides of Colin's basement.   Max had some problems with his amp head, but other than that, things seemed to go pretty smoothly.
This process makes it so that you really have to know the material.  In a few days, the tracks will be chopped up and ready for listening.  We shall see.
Recording in Colin's basement always makes me think of Link Wray.  There are so many recordings of Link and his gang, wailing away inside of their rural "chicken coop" studio.  They all sound so good to me, especially Doug Wray, Link's drum playing brother.  He's a real drumming hero to me.  His down and dirty, big beat Rock-n-Roll playing inspires the hell out of me.
But I digress.

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