Saturday, May 15, 2010

Ovipositor pre-production, session #1

I have played drums in Ovipositor since late summer of 2003.  Colin Frangos started the band in the early 2000's.  I believe that I am the second drummer in the band.  Expect much more writing on Ovipositor in the future.  For now, I'd like to begin documenting the work we're putting in on our as yet to be titled fourth official recording.
Colin, Max Sidman (bass), and I began working on the current batch of songs earlier this year.  We have 9-10 to be recorded.  The main recording will be done by Eli Wise at New, Improved! Studio here in Oakland, CA. 
Today, Colin and I set up my beloved "Frankenstein's Monster Kit", an amalgamation of Ludwig, Gretsch, and Cannon drums, mic'ed it up, and got what I believe to be really great tones from his pretty damn good collection of mics and outboard gear. 
The great thing about working with Colin is that we've become collaborators.  I've come to believe that this is pretty much all I ever really desired from my musical pursuits: cool,  interesting, and nice people to work and collaborate with.  Colin has all of said qualities in spades, and it remains great fun to produce music with him. We still talk about a lot of the same bands, ideas, concepts, etc.  I think it's really cool to have seven years of continuous conversation about these things.  Some folks would get bored with the low key, catch as catch can nature of Ovipositor's process, but I still love it.  We make the music we want to hear, as best as we can do it.  That's really enough for me, as I suspect it is for Colin and Max.
As we set up and began the demo process today, I felt happy to be there, and enthusiastic about the up-coming recording process.
Tomorrow, we'll start the actual recording. 

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