Monday, May 31, 2010

Prayers & Penance, 2003

This project was the result of my working with George Earth in Shards.  George introduced me to Celeste, another friend of his. Celeste is a very talented multi-genre artist.
She mentioned that she was looking for musical collaborators for a dance piece she'd been developing.  The piece was her condemnation of the Second Gulf War, which was unfolding before our eyes on the television.  I can't recall if we had any rehearsals for the performance, but I do have these notes:

We ultimately performed the piece two times in public, once at the Brainwash Cafe in SF, and once at an art gallery in Sacramento.  The great tenor saxophone player David Boyce played with us at Brainwash.  In the video, you can kind of hear him.  He told me afterward that he'd had a rag stuffed in the bell of his sax, and had forgotten to take it out!  After the Sacramento performance, this guy in a black trench with a Black Flag "bars" pin walked up to me, gave me a bear hug, and exclaimed "I UNDERSTAND IT!!!!!".  That pretty much made drive up there worth it, for me. 
At that time, I was very much interested in playing improvised music in public, and Celeste provided an opportunity for me to do this.  I remain grateful to her for that, and have very fond memories from this experience.
This flyer was designed by Celeste:

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