Sunday, June 6, 2010

Birdsaw was a band that I played in from 1997 to 2003.  We had a small bit of success, in that we toured a bit nationally and a lot regionally.
The characteristic sound of the band was the LOUD alto of singer Robin Coomer.  I always admired her singing, along with her abstract approach to lyrics.  These factors may have been a bit of a hindrance to the band.  It seemed like people found her voice daunting, especially in the live setting.  I'm not sure that her subjective lyrical style gave people much to "relate" to either. 
Often overlooked was guitarist Dan Laks.  I grew to love his much-considered tone, along with his melodic style and heels-over-ass soloing, especially live.  His style in Birdsaw was the aloof  one favored by older players like Ritchie Blackmore or Paul Kossoff.  I always appreciated that.  I grew very fond of Dan.  I hope he's well.
Bassist Tom Jordan was all bedrock playing.  He was not flashy, but his parts served the tunes, and his finger-picked style was low and warm.  He's also a really funny guy, his humor honed by living an abstemious life in a decadent society.  Tom plays bass in a great band out of San Jose called Rivals.
The tracks featured here were recorded at our Hudson St., SF, rehearsal studio in early 2003.  We recorded these, and others, at a proper studio later that year, but the band imploded that June, symbolically smashed apart during Dan's post-set destruction of his beloved black Stratocaster at the Hotel Utah.  As I watched him maniacally savage his axe, I realized that all of the pressure we'd put on ourselves for the previous five years was finally taking it's toll, and opted out.
Don't expect a reunion show, but I will post a ton of other stuff in the future.  I loved that band.
The picture below was taken at Oakland, CA's beloved Stork Club, ca. 2002.

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