Sunday, June 20, 2010

My first show with Ovipositor, 2/25/2004

I joined Colin Frangos in Ovipositor in July, 2003. We spent the next four or five months working on songs Colin had written and trying to find a new bass player.  Ovipositor's first bass player had moved to another state, just before I'd come on board, in order to pursue post graduate work of some sort. 
Matt Carter answered our craigslist post right in the nick of time.  We were getting  a bit disheartened after several bad bass player auditions. He jammed with us one time, and both Colin and me knew we'd found our guy.
Now that we'd found a bass player, we could start working of songs that Colin had been developing, along with booking shows.  I was particularly excited about the prospect of playing shows with a Rock  band again.
Colin booked our first show through his pal Nate, who drummed in Nasturtiums, along with the first configuration of Ovipositor.  The Stork Club on a Wednesday night in February is pretty much a guaranteed bust in terms of money or attendance, but I couldn't have cared less about any of that.  I was happy to be playing out again. I was also happy to be doing so in the company of two very cool people, people that had enthusiasm for just making music. It felt great to be rocking out just for the hell of it, with no expectations except for the sheer joy of the process.
Thanks to Melissa for coming to the show and taking the great pics!

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