Monday, June 14, 2010

More Birdsaw 2003 tunes, a picture, a drumhead, an explanation.....

This picture was taken in 1999, at Fais Do Do, a club in East L.A.
Birdsaw's critics accused us of "playing Rock Star", but we handled every aspect of the band ourselves: booking, CD production, artwork, etc. We never thought about having a manager. Pity the person who would attempt to manage any of us, anyway.  This independent stance made us have to play off the beaten path a lot. In L.A. music scene terms, Fais Do Do is REALLY off the beaten path. 
The bass drum head was hand painted by Ilan Laks.  He's a pretty successful artist in Portland, these days.
A few more of the last demo tunes here:

The chorus of the first tune was the chorus from a song that I'd written for the band on a really cheap Fender Jaguar.  They only liked that part, so I had to be happy with having it cloned on to a riff by someone else.  Robin's lyric "Can't wake up/ can't run/out of my skin/can't give it away" pretty much summed up how I felt about the fate of Birdsaw, and my own personal situation, at the time of these recordings. 
I guess most people who pursue creative endeavours suffer for it, so at least I know that I wasn't alone.

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