Sunday, March 10, 2013

Cloud Shepherd with India Cooke; the Jazz School, Berkeley, 3/10/2013

The men of Cloud Shepherd convened with India Cooke, who graciously invited us to play with her at the Jazz School in Berkeley, as part of their International Women's Day festivities.
We had a great time, and India was smokin'. She definitely brought her A-game today!
We played two sets, and the vibe felt good during both of them, needless to say. It's very challenging, trying to keep up with such a master musician, but I felt like I played pretty well. We even took a stab at Honeysuckle Rose, upon request from an audience member. Our version came out more Honeysuckle Drone, but, hey, we gave it a shot!
Plus, I got to do a waterphone duet with Ms. Cooke! Yeah!
Upon arriving home, I felt drained in the best possible way.
Thanks to Melissa, for taking these pics, and grateful thanks to all the women who I've known in my life, for putting up with such a big lunkhead guy as myself. 

 Above: Scenes from the Cloud, with India directing the movements.

Above: Cloud Shepherd with India Cooke, photos by Rent Romus. Thanks, Rent!

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