Monday, March 11, 2013

Silencer Assembly-Tuned Mass Damper

Silencer Assembly came together in the winter of 2010. Max Sidman had been wanting to form a heavy, group, inspired in particular by a group that his friend Daniel had been leading, up in Chico. Max and I saw this group in 2009, when Ovipositor shared a bill with them.
I was casting about for a new band, as both Ovipositor and Barney Cauldron had ended a few months prior.
When Max and I decided to jam again, we wasted not time, and ensconced our bass rig and drum set into a lockout room at Oakland Music Complex, in West Oakland. It was there that we rehearsed and wrote with near religious fervor for the next 1 3/4 years. At some point Max agreed to name the group Silencer Assembly, a term which I had read in a book about a prototype electric car. A silencer assembly is essentially an engine part. This album's title, Tuned Mass Damper, had been Max's choice for the name of the band. Thanks for going with my idea, Mr. Sidman!
Guitarist Ian Robertson joined up with us in mid-2011, after we decided that being a bass/drums duo was not going to work out for us.
These recordings pretty much sum up the work that we put in. After we finished them, it was almost as if we collectively decided to just lay it down and walk away. I'm not sure if Silencer Assembly will ever speak again, but it was a fun project. The focus was downright maniacal at times.

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