Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Ear Spray-Brutal Sound Effects Festival #73; the Lab, SF, CA 3/11/13

In January of this year, percussionist Ann O'Rourke asked me if I'd like to get together with her and jam on her newly-acquired Tom Nunn Percussion Plate. I was flattered that she asked me, and we got together a few times to jam out ideas.
Ann's a really interesting player. She started playing music in her 50's, and, by her own account, was drawn to Noise and Improvisation really quickly. In her words, she "doesn't like playing music by dead people"! Before her music career, she developed a successful publishing venture within the appraisal business.
In February, Ann set up a gig for her on-going group with Carlos Jennings, Ear Spray, and they asked me to play with them at the Lab, as part of the Brutal Sound Effects Festival #73. The Lab? Grux? Ah, HELL YEAH!!!!

Above: Ear Spray rig, gone sideways! Vertigo much?

For the show, we played a quick, 15 minute improvisation that had conduction by Carlos. I mostly stayed on the Nunn Plate, making droning sounds with rubber mallets. Ann sang, and bowed cymbals. Carlos utilized his electronics rig. I felt calm and relaxed, and the music seemed to ebb and flow nicely.
Ann and Carlos both seemed happy when our allotted time was up. Sadly, I had to run off, it being a "school night". I hate to be THAT guy, but, I was very tired after a long Monday.

Ear Spray is scheduled to play at the Luggage Store in April. Hopefully I'll be there, dragging rubber balls across metal surface again!

Above: Ear Spray in negative. Photo by Rent Romus. Thanks, Rent!

Link to video here:


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