Saturday, March 16, 2013

India Cooke with Cloud Shepherd-IEATA 10th International Conference; Double Tree Hotel, Berkeley, 3/15/13

I did not write a preview for this gig, as it was kind of a private affair, in that it was open to attendees of IEATA's 10th Annual International Conference in Berkeley only.
India set this one up, and graciously asked Cloud Shepherd to appear with her. Thanks, India!

Before our set, the Anne Liebenthal Dance Troupe did a great, expressive piece. They featured an amazing singer, too.

After a brief pause, Cloud Shepherd took the stage. Owing to the fact that this ballroom of the Double Tree is very large, and the seated audience were a LONG way away from the stage, we asked them to please dance with our music. Thankfully, many did. We played one twenty minute improvisation. It felt fine to me, very flowing and pretty intense. Due to time constraints with other presenters, that was about it for us. Still, we had a great time! Thanks to IEATA for such a great event!

Above: setting up for lift off

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