Wednesday, June 1, 2016

ebolabuddah-KFJC in the Pit, Los Altos Hills CA; 5/31/16

It's always so awesome to hang out at KFJC; I swear that I could shoot the shit with Grower for hours. Such a fun hang.
ebolabuddha was in the Pit in order to play and drum up support for this weekend's Next Now All Tomorrow's After Parties event. With the addition of Tom Weeks on alto sax and Lorenzo Arreguin on guitar, our sound felt much more full and wildly, bewitchingly chaotic. We used three graphic scores: two of mine and one by Kristie Barlas. Along with them, we played two freely improvised pieces, with text readings, and one blast beat at the end. All in all, the set lasted a bit over forty minutes. The extra voices during the text-based pieces gave added complexity, too. Really cool layering. At the end, I started reciting My War by Black Flag! At times, I felt as if we sounded like Lifetime or something. A nice feeling to me. The improvising felt pretty tight, with really good listening and interactive feels throughout. I was really proud of our set.
Many thanks to Tom and Lorenzo for joining Steve, Eli and myself, and big ups to KFJC for EVERYTHING that they do. Class acts, all around!

Below: the rest of ebolabuddha, and red drums

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