Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Surplus 1980-Night Light, Oakland CA; 6/14/16

After a long wait for the Night Light to open their doors, all of the musicians on the bill had to rush a bit in order to load in and set up. During this process, I thought that I'd lost a prized SF Giants t-shirt, brought as a change for presumptive post-set sweat coating. It took a few minutes to let go of that.
Sweat, I certainly did. Surplus 1980 got the tough last spot, probably made even more so on a Tuesday night; it seemed as though we leaned in a bit more, accordingly. I know that I did, anyway. Sub bassist Tom Feguson did a great job after a scant two rehearsals. Thanks, Tom. I had a hell of a good time listening to Moe! go off on his drums: it's quite fun to provide a really steady, simple ballast for Moe!. Hella fun. Most everything was tight, with small adjustments to a few of the arrangements. There was a small train wreck during Question After Ended Question, but we managed to overcame that. Another mistake-free version of 99 Is Not 100! YES! During the extended vamp of Failure of Commitment, Moe! destroyed his guitar while dancing in the audience. Mel on this development: "...he hated that guitar..."! Ha!
A few strangers came, and they stuck around to the bitter end. As I was breaking down my kit, I looked down and saw my t-shirt. Victory.

Below: drums and found t-shirt

Below: broken head stock of a hated guitar

Above: Surplus 1980 rocking (photos courtesy of Feona Lee Jones, thanks Feona!)

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