Friday, June 24, 2016

New Infinite Plastic Internal CDR is available!

Music For Waiting Rooms was not an intended release.
Last year, I made some Infinite Plastic Internal recordings with a 4 Track machine that I borrowed from my pal Scarp Home. Initial listens had me thinking that the recordings were only printed into one side, pure Mono. Due to that impression, I just put the tape into my box of demos, etc. and forgot about it.
Fast forward to March of this year. I was rummaging through that box, and took a moment to listen to a tape labeled "IPI Waiting Room Music". I was stunned to hear that sound was coming out of both headphones, and, additionally, I felt like its sounds were cool.
Since that time, I've had the tape digitized and the digital files mastered for CD. I've had to release this one on a pretty tight budget, but I'm really happy with the stamps that I had custom made at The look is simple, but I really feel that that's the best approach for the CD format. Usually, any type of cover art gets squished down and somewhat unnoticed. Also, I've long been desiring to do a kind of tribute to the simple, funky self-released tapes that really inspired me, as a young music collector. This cover has that feel that I was seeking.
If you read this post, and would like a copy of Music For Waiting Rooms, please contact me throught the comments section.
I also plan to have this release up at the Infinite Plastic Internal bandcamp page very soon.

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