Sunday, June 12, 2016

Instagon #707-Musicians Union Hall Local 6; San Francisco CA, 6/11/16

After spending the morning in an extended Surplus 1980 rehearsal, I schlepped across the Bay Bridge and into SOMA to the Musicians Union Hall Post 6 for Instagon #707. As mentioned, it was my fourth appearance with Lob's long-standing experiment in Chaos. Booker David Leikam certainly treated us nicely: free parking, food, a good back line drum set (YES!). Thanks, David!
As for the musicians, Instagon featured Jaroba on woodwinds, Jeff Klukowski on guitar, Stephan Elliot on keyboard, Lob on bass, and me on drums.
It seemed to me that Instagon #707 stayed true to Lob's Garage Jazz concept: Bluesy, Funky instrumental interplay throughout both sets. I had a lot of fun, and feel more and more comfortable with the Lob's vision; none of the sheer terror that I felt the first time drumming with the group, a mile or so west in the Mission a while back. There were a few times during which I felt a bit out of phase, especially on a few of the endings, but the grooves felt generally good. It was especially enjoyable to play along with Stephan's keys. I  rarely get to play with any type of piano/keyboard. At one point, he was quoting The Other One, which I duly tried to play sync up with! Along with the Grateful Dead quote, we played an Alice Cooper tune, "Welcome To My Nightmare", and "Sex Bomb" by Flipper! The latter extended into some pleasingly wild spaces.
All in all, a very fun afternoon spent jamming with friends. Arts Earth and Lob Instagon: pure class.

Below: Instagon setting up (photo by Jeff Klukowski, thanks Jeff!)
Above: Instagon #707 personnel (photo by Monica Berini, thanks Monica!)

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