Saturday, October 8, 2016

ebolabuddah-NoiseHaus 10, San Jose CA; 10/8/16

As I drove down to San Jose last night, I realized that, in all of the years that I've been playing drums in public, I've never had a chance to play there. Odd.
Great night to make my San Jose debut, too! First St. was hoppin'. First Friday events fully in effect. Live bands all over the place, taco trucks, weird people in cool costumes. Just great.
ebolabuddha finished off our "Bay Area Mini Tour Week" by playing at the offices of Metro City Paper for the NoiseHaus 10 event. Our sound was frantic and somewhat crazed, I'd say. I'd also venture to say that, on account of it being the same sextet configuration as the previous evening in Oakland, it was thick. That's my hope, anyway. We again attempted to play Saturations With Jumps, and I used the same verbal conducting method.
Did I say crazed? Yes, it sure felt like a crazed set to me. The group reading sections seemed a bit truncated: this may be my fault, as I really wanted to pound away on the nice Pearl drum set that organizer Keith had provided. This type of action led to an actual circle pit happening. That's the first time in a long time I've seen that as I've played.
What a fun, exciting night. Many thanks to NoiseHaus for letting ebolabuddha play their cool event on a well-picked night.

Below: set up and crowd

Above: Pearl kit, about to be punished

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