Tuesday, October 25, 2016

PureFinder-Studio Grand, Oakland CA; 10/24/16

It seems always more incongruous that an artsy space could survive within the ever-tonier Grand Lake District of Oakland, and yet Studio Grand continues to stand its ground therein, hosting weekly Experimental shows in the later part of the evenings on Mondays.
PureFinder had the honor of playing with mighty tenor saxophonist Joshua Allen last night within that great space. Josh is a tough act to follow, but we did our best: four or five drums/cymbals mic'd with small contacts and fed into Andrew's electronic rig. Our plan consisted of playing three zones: rhythmic, glitch-ey, and droned. The set started off space-ey, and I got to play some big, block chords on the studio's piano (!) as an opening sound.
We paced our piece well, and seemed to find each of those respective areas. I had fun using long screws on the sides of drums and the cowbell, the sounds of which Andrew treated very creatively. I guess one might define PureFinder's sound as Electronic Grime or maybe Free Industrial; I really enjoy producing it! After a quick thirty minutes or so,  with shakers being hit upon gongs, high harmonica notes, and all kinds of electronic spraying, we stopped; I figured, why keep those in attendance out on a rainy Monday night for too long? Still, we felt satisfied and had a real good time.
Many thanks to Oakland Freedom Jazz Society for allowing PureFinder to play!

Below: Andrew contemplates his mixer, drums mic'd

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